Work experience

Date since January 2006

Occupation or position held: Loss Prevention Investigator; Internal Auditor


Main activities and responsibilities:


• Examination of the defined company risks

• Report production and reporting to the management national/internationally

• Guidance and coordination company security

• Visit and audit of branches in the Group (Austria and Eastern Europe)

• Loss Prevention procurement/selling/logistics

• Co-ordination international test activity in the company

• internal and external partner for revision topics

Dates January 2004

Occupation or position held:  Internal Auditor, Securtiy Coordinator


Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Execution of examinations in the context of the inspection planning within the range purchase, logistics, selling

  • Execution of audits in the Museum

  • Coordination of security topics in the Museum

  • Observance guidelines

  • Starting from 2004 co-ordination company security and range Loss


Training and vocational training

  • General education (1974 - 1983)
  • Commercial assistant at the Wifi Vienna

  • Designation of the acquired qualification Commercial Assistant

  • GRID Management Seminar

  • Guidance seminar Coverdale I + II

  • Berlitz further training (English stage 6)

  • Information officer of the Austrian Army

  • Rhetorik Seminar for public work military academy Wr. Neustadt

  • Specialities/vocational abilities

  • Examination and development of control plans

  • Support and provision of safety regulations in organisations

  • Communication and measure pursuit

  • Decrease prevention in the context of federations (ECR - Efficient

    Consumer Response Austria,

  • Exchange of experience about revision in the European company

Active work in the following organizations

Bundesverband Deutscher Heimwerker-, Bau- und Gartenfachmärkte e.V.  (DIY shop association)

VSD Austria (cooperation in the fight against shrinkage)

ECR Austria

International classification

  • Production and examination Guideline for processes
  • Crisis and disaster management

  • Know-how carrier within the range cash management, insurance, safety

  • topics, Facilitymanagement

  • Company of projects (expansion) and treatment of work orders in the

  • countries Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Language stays the USA

  • International stays on a family bases in Egypt, Belgium

Personal abilities and authority

Native language: German

Other language: English (spoken and written)

Communication-proof (BERLITZ level 6)

Social - and Organizational skills

  • Combination vocational and private networks (see also

  • Member of the Lions Club MozART Vienna

  • Network activity in the context of the association of “Freunde des JgB Wien 1 Hoch- und Deutschmeister”

  • High degree at multi-cultural authority

  • Active and solution-oriented guidance skills

  • Quick recognition of risk potential, as well implementations of strategic

  • solutions (lastingness)

  • Idea realm work

  • Work experience in Eastern Europe (CEE)

  • Strong organisational skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work on own initiative with minimal supervision

  • IT skills: SAP, ACL, Datawarehouse, Microsoft Word; Excel; Powerpoint

Additional data

Active cooperation in working groups in concerning fields of application in national

and international specialized agencies

Driving license Class B